Samsung Washer and Dryer

I have a Samsung Washer and Dryer and they appear in SmartThings correctly and are operable. When I complete the connection through HA Cloud to SmartThings all of my SmartThings entities show up, but I do not get the Washer or the Dryer. The washer and dryer do not show in the Classic App or on the Groovy IDE site either. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to get my Washer and Dryer in Home Assistant?

I have the same but after doing the new SmartThings integration they all showed up. I am using the Samsung account to login not the old SmartThings one.


I added my Smart Thine washing machine from Samsung, but I do not see any entities?

What am I doing wrong?



I would delete the integration and redo all the steps again to connect up. Also make sure that you are using the new smartthings and not the old classic app. If you added the Washer and Dryer in the classic app they will not show in HA.

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