SamsungTV connection HomeAssistant broke


I have a problem with my “trustet devices” from Samsung TV.
When i connect my HomeAssistant with the Television, i am able to control the TV as it has to be… i am also able to switch the TV off - but not able to switch it on.
When i switch the TV on with the remote control, i have to “pair” the HomeAssistant again.

any idea?

thank you in advance

is the TV connected by LAN or WIFI?

Hi jchh,
connected by WIFI

My experience is that wake-up only works when connected by ethernet.

Did you set up a turn on action as the docs describe?

The TV was found automatically and i used the Lovelace card which was integrated automatically. do i have to change anything?
all works, unfortunally not to turn on.

is the WOL function not included?

best regard

Will find all necessary steps in documentation.

Are you taking the piss?

Every integration (apart from strictly yaml ones) has a direct link to the docs for that integration. Example from my setup

I suggest you start reading.

  - alias: "Turn On Living Room TV with WakeOnLan"
      - platform: samsungtv.turn_on
        entity_id: media_player.samsung_smart_tv
      - service: wake_on_lan.send_magic_packet
          mac: E0:9D:13:XX:XX:XX

this i added to my configuration.yaml
but get a error message

Die Automatisierung „Turn On Living Room TV with WakeOnLan“ („automation.turn_on_living_room_tv_with_wakeonlan“) hat eine Aktion, die einen unbekannten Dienst aufruft: „wake_on_lan.send_magic_packet“.

Dieser Fehler verhindert, dass die Automatisierung ordnungsgemäß ausgeführt wird. Vielleicht ist dieser Dienst nicht mehr verfügbar oder vielleicht hat ein Tippfehler ihn verursacht.

Um diesen Fehler zu beheben, bearbeite die Automatisierung und entferne die Aktion, die diesen Dienst aufruft.

You are connected via Wifi right? Not all models support WoL via Wifi and it needs to be enabled in the TV menu.
Also using the media turn on service might work, but again that depends on the model and if its stays active when turned “off”.

okay can i activate in the service menu?

Idk, look in the manual of your specific model for that.

English only forum.

Finally it works :slight_smile: thank you for your support!

I wanna make a automation trigger by a sensor!
switch on TV and switch to youtube and play the following “file” do you think that is possible?

br andy