SamsungTV not detected in Lovelace

Since I’ve converted to Lovelace my SamsungTV is not found in Lovelace. If I go to the old Hassio (States) I can see the tv. Tried the migration wizard but no luck.

Anyone else with this issue? (And did you solve it?)

You most likely have the wrong entity_id in lovelace.

You are totally right! It should be “media_player.samsung_led46_ue46f6510”.

But the strange thing is that I can’t find the place where I declare this… In configuration.yaml it is platform: samsungtv and not samsung_led46_ue46f6510. It’s been some time since I did this, but do you know where how this is declared?

It changed on mine as well. I ended up deleting the samsung definition from config yaml. You don’t need it as it’s being discovered.

If you don’t want to do that then use customize yaml to rename it.

The easiest solution is to edit the entity name in the lovelace yaml file so it points to the discovered entity.

I guess you could also use customize - side panel - configuration>customization and change it there

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