SamsungTV (The Frame and newer Smart TV:s) Does it work?

I’ve tried to connect my Samsung The Frame (2018) to HA and the best I can get is to be able to switch the unit ON (not OFF). Is that expected from integrating a smart TV to Home Assistant or is there something wrong in; 1. the integration (SamsungTV), 2. my TV-set, 3. my config, 4. all newer Samsung Smart TV:s?

First, have you read this?

Second, TV manufacturers are notorious for making their crap work differently with every release. It is a game of whack a mole. IMHO my kodi boxes are smarter than any TV I have bought, and all work the same. Sorry I have no time for smart tvs.

In short this means you may need to know a lot about your tv’s firmware and what it can and can’t do to even approach answering this sort of question.

I also have problem with my Smart TV (2018), it is not showing up any prompt on TV to allow access from Home Assistant and I’m getting 401 with message when trying to turn it off:

Failed to call service media_player/turn_off. {'event': ''}

There is also similar topic on that: "" when connecting to Samsung TV UE55NU6035 but seems to be inactive.

Any update on this? I have the same issue on my Samsung TV NU7100.

I recommend to get into this topic: Samsung Smart TV - No control? and try to set it up with this custom component called samusngtv_custom.

Curious if any of you got The Frame to work with HA?

FWIW I recently set up up a 2021 43" Frame using SmartThings and this custom component (link points to idoaflalo’s fork, which allows powering off to Art Mode).

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Thank you! I’m going to give that a shot.

Did you have any success? I’m considering a Frame, but being able to automate it with home assistant is sort of a must for me haha.

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Hi all, quick bump to the above to see if anyone has experience with how well the Frame integrates with HA.

  • What functionities does the core integration provide?
  • Do you know about any main differences between the core integration and custom integrations?

Thanks in advance!

I think your best bet would be just downloading the “SamsungTV Smart” component from HACS.

I use this integration for my Samsung TV. Its available trough HACS.
I connected Samsung TV with lan cable to one of my mesh routers and add it static ip address.
I use uptime kuma for pinging tv.
Samsung tv just became unresponsive after few hours and you can’t switch it on. After tv is on everything is working, volume up/down, mute, switching sources etc.
I’m testing my setup but for now, about a day, everything is working fine.