Sanity check: Install on USB flash drive?

I’m already running HA 78.3 on Raspian w/desktop. I’d like to migrate to, as I never use the desktop on Pi.

So, can’t I just use etcher to write the image to a 32gb USB flash drive (Sandisk USB 3.0 32gb Flash drive)? Wouldn’t that be as stable as the little SD memory card it currently works on?.
The Pi3B+ can easily boot from USB. So, is there a reason it wouldn’t be good to do?

There are several topics on this forum with info about this. Short story, yes and it’s faster and more stable.

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You can also move an existing install if you use dd on a Linux machine to copy the SD card to the SSD. You then just need to change the boot config to change the root partition from mmcblk… to sda…