Satel Armed/Disarmed/Pending weirdness

I’m using the Satel Intergra integration and have noticed some “wierd” behaviour in that armed actions are being triggered while someone enters the building.

I have the following template for the binary sensor so i can expose it to KNX:

  - name: "Blok Test"
    state: >-
      {% if states('alarm_control_panel.test') == 'armed_away' %}
        {{ 1 }}
      {% elif states('alarm_control_panel.test') == 'disarmed' %}
        {{ 0 }}
      {% endif %}

Since i know the alarm has multiple statuses i just check for those 2.
Now the weirdness, when i arm the system it will just react to the armed_away and i get a 1 from the binary sensor i exposed on the bus:

      entity_id: binary_sensor.blok_test
      address: "0/0/2"

So far so good, but then when i trigger the entry delay (by opening a door and entering the building) the following happens to the status:

  1. Pending (entry time started, system waiting for input)
  2. Disarmed
  3. Armed Away
  4. Disarmed

So the template does what it has todo, but that results in weird behaviour in the KNX with the off-on-off.
Note that this only happens when i trigger the delay time and not if i arm/disarm the alarm directly.
I can create a workaround by adding a delay to the disarmed since the follow instantly, but not sure how in the template… something like only trigger if status is x for y seconds?

RTFM, after focusing blindly at the template and finding out that a delay isnt possible…
I just had to look at the template sensor: Template - Home Assistant
And find delay_on delay_off that will be the hack i will use.
Still weird about the status changes.