Satel Integra - Got exception

I’m in process to migrate to HAOS from Fibaro HC2.
I have Satel Integra64 with ETHM-1 Plus which works fine with HC2 and Satel’s native apps.
But I can’t get it connected to HA. My config is as follows:

port: 8099
code: !secret satel_code
    name: "Partycja 1"
    arm_home_mode: 1
    name: "CM drzwi wej"
    type: "door"
    name: "CM okno pralnia"
    type: "window"
    name: "CM okna salon"
    type: "window"
    name: "CM taras salon"
    type: "window"
    name: "CM okno kuchnia"
    type: "window"
    name: "Zasilanie zamknięcia głównego zaworu" 

I keep getting following errors (even without any partitions/outputs configured)

2024-05-13 15:18:19.568 WARNING (MainThread) [satel_integra.satel_integra] Got exception: 16 bytes read on a total of undefined expected bytes. Most likely the other side has disconnected!
2024-05-13 15:18:19.570 WARNING (MainThread) [satel_integra.satel_integra] Start monitoring - no data!
2024-05-13 15:18:19.570 WARNING (MainThread) [satel_integra.satel_integra] Start monitoring failed, sleeping for 10s...

Integration in DLOADX is of course enabled, without coding and on custom port. Like I said, it works in Fibaro…
HA is able to reach ETHM:

So, what could be a reason for this error?

It looks like integration’s variable:

port: 8099

it’s useless as isn’t applied by integration itself. After changing in Satel ETHM-1 Plus integration port back to default (7094) and doing same in HA integration settings, I was able to connect…

I was too quick.
I still have Fibaro HC2 running and connected to Satel ETHM. Once I changed port in ETHM, HA integration was able to connect. But after amending port in Fibaro HC2 - HA integration was kicked out… So, it looks like HA (or ETHM) doesn’t like multiple clients…

As Satel’s entities are configured in yaml, I can’t assign to them in webgui any labels nor areas.
Is there any way to do it directly in yaml file…?