Save daily data for counter

Is it possible to save the value of a counter at the end of each day and graph or otherwise use that data?

Baby due soon and they keep saying we’ll want to track number of feeds, poops etc. I’ve created a screen on a dashboard we use where you tap to increment counters. But I’d like to automatically save the value each day so I have a record

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You can start from here: Utility Meter - Home Assistant

Thank you, I’ll look into that!

Pay attention, name might be misleading for your use case, but in essence, it creates daily (interval) sensor for you.

i THINK i’ve got it working correctly. Made 3 daily sensors, 1 for each of my requirements. Set them all to a value before bed last night and this morning the sensors have yesterdays values. Will test over the next few days. Looks good though, thanks!

Do you happen to know how i’d graph the results for the utility sensors? when i use them for a graph etc it does hourly when all i want is a daily history i.e. Monday 1, Tuesday 4, Wednesday 1

it does not seem to work in visual editor / helpers as it only allows for “sensor." not "counter._”