Save DB on USB stick/drive (Hassio)

Hey guys,
I know this has been discussed around the forums but I’m having a hard time finding the right resource and setting it up.
Basically, I can see my drive in the system-> hardware window. (i have /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda under disk: )
Could someone tell me what i shoudl enter as db_url: in my configuration.yaml to get hassio to move the DB there?
Or am I thinking this completely wrong? :smile:

Did you ever figure this out? I’m facing the same issue; as in, lack of clear solutions. There’s a lot of talk of “excessive DB use will burn out your SD card, you should move it to another location” but very little “here’s how it’s done.”

this is the write up.

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Unless I’m missing something; that doesn’t look applicable to a HASS.IO install?

perhaps. It was written for Hassbian I think

I ended up moving the DB to the amazon free RDS service, didnt look into local db any more :slight_smile:


can you provide a little how to ?

Sure, just give me some time to write it up.

great, how is the performance overall ?

to be honest, I dont use extensive history data, for graphs and stuff, just some motion detectors i want to see if they were triggered and some things i need their state saved during restarts. It’s working like the local db in my case, havent seen any problem.

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Looking forward to the How-to.

I won’t have the time to do it anytime soon I’m afraid, I’m at work.
Maybe the reddit thread that helped me can help you out meanwhile

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Hi. Has somebody been able to use the nuw feature that moves the database to ssd/usb drive?

labelin the partition on ssd with hassos-data and renamig the one from sd card does not seem to work.
I renamed it in gparted.

Do someone knows how this feature actually works, if at all in hassio?

if you ust can share your recorder config, I have already created db in Amazon rds which was not so difficult

Sorry, was on mobile and it seems like cloud9 is officially non-mobile friendly, here’s my recorder config:


  db_url: mysql://user:pw@url:port/dbname?charset=utf8

You can get the URL and port from the endpoint section in your rds console, RDS> Databases> dbname:

Also, since i dont have a static ISP ip, i had to leave the inbound/outbound security groups open. I know it’s not safe but i have not figured out how to fix this. Let me know if you know a solution to that :slight_smile:

Thank you, I’ll check later this week.

Looking on the web I found the below url which you could use to protect your connection. I have not tried it.

Looks like exactly what i need, will check it out too. Thanks man!

So does anyone have any news on this? The second SD card in 5 months just died on me and I need to change smth. because this just isn’t acceptable.

Have not found something yet.
And i think that this option is very important.
If we could move DB and Logs to a usb stick, we would have minimal usage of the sd card.
And if the stick went bad you could just switch it out for a new one and keep running in seconds.
I’m guessing it’s some foundamental hassos issue that wont allow it? idk

Didn’t find any solution yet. This is the last reason who keep me on using previous version. I have a mini SSD plugged on my Raspberry Pi.