Save Google Nest video/images to NAS

I want to buy a Nest Doorbell and integrate it in HA, but I would also like to save images or video to my NAS. Does anyone know if that’s possible with the Nest Doorbell? I know it doesn’t support FTP or anything like that.

I couldn’t get a sound answer when searching the forum.

I hope someone can give me an answer.

The original nest hello video doorbell supports recording and saving snapshots like any other standard camera in home assistant. The Camera - Home Assistant integration talks about the services that are exposed to support this, but you may want to look around for blueprints or other examples of calling these same services to save snapshots or record video.

The new battery powered cameras don’t support arbitrary saving of snapshots or video because of limitations in the nest API. However, we’re working on adding support for saving mp4 clips in response to device triggers / events like “doorbell pressed”.

Thanks @allenporter. I was thinking to buy the original one, so that’s good then.

I will look for some blueprints.