Save information in MySQL

I running Hassio and everything works fine.
But now I like to use the information I get on hassio to a MySQL database (I still like to make hassio to use SQLite but I also want it to save info on my MySQL server that I have in my network.
I then going to take information I got to show on a webpage that I going to create.

But I understand I can use “recorder” but I have then two question.

  1. if I use that Component, does it replace the SQLite because I don’t want to have it replace

  2. Have not find what kind of structure the MySQL have to have (Table,row and that).
    I have only find how to connect to a MySQL database.

the recorder component by default will log everything to an SQLite file in your config directory. If you configure the recorder component differently, it can only point to one database location wether it is an SQLite file, MySQL db, or anything else. When you first configure the MySQL db, you create the schema with the name you set in the recorder component and a utf-8 encoding. HA will then create the tables and rows for you.