Save more energy with a simplified card for the rest of the family?

Hello :slight_smile:

I came up with the idea to teach my kids about energy consumption and when its better to use which device. I want to make it more transparent when we have enough energy from the sun (or battery) to use a dish washer, tv or hear some music without using energy from the grid for example. Also my son was quiet hyped about building a small solar powered ventilator and testing with different sun angles and conditions. This dashboard would hang right in the middle of the apartment. We have to pass this place a lot during the whole day because this room leads to all other rooms on the level.

For me I have the great power card plus and I can see all informations. For the rest of the family it’s too complex. The kids are too young and my wife doesn’t want to dig deeper in my technical dashboards.

My idea was to build a card with a big battery which stands for the current power available. (Maybe configurable with max PV-Current and max Battery-Current)
If the PV is producing energy the battery shows the current of the PV - usage of the house. I’m not sure about the battery because it’s not the right technical icon to use for current.

Beside that there could be icons of devices which are colered differently.
Red for example if we have to use the grid to power it.
Green if we can use our own power.
Also I would like to bring in some information about the amount we are producing with a sun which gets covered from a cloud. (when we producing less)

I was not sure if I want to bring in the financial consequences too.

Does someone already have something like that? Or someone has some thoughts about this topic? I would love to brainstorm some ideas before I start working on that.

This is what I’m using currently.