Save state of RF command

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  • I learned the Ha with boradlink rm pro to control my ceiling light, using RF command.
  • However, the command is toggleing the light, I.e. if the light is off, then sending the command turn it on, and the oppisite.
  • I would like to create boolean state, so after sending the command, I can update it, so I can using the light on my automation.

Any suggestion?

Attached my scripit to toggle the light

alias: toggle light
  - service: remote.send_command
      device_id: 5c960f7024550fb340485974f253ced8
      device: ifan
      command: offon
mode: single

There’s another thread about this here.

Solve it by define input boolean, and then create automaton where each time the input is changed, send rf command
Now I can control it thought the input boolean. :slight_smile: