Saving a blink motion video to the local hard drive


This is my first post and new to HA. I have setup HA on a desktop here at my home. I have a blink doorbell and a blink mini cam in my living room. My ISP is T-Mobile. Lately there has been a lot of talk on the internet that the ISP pushed some stupid update to the router that has prevented me saving of motion clips to the sync module. I have been on the phone for hours with Blink and have had the module replaced yet still can’t send any new motion clips to the module. They provided me a free 30 day cloud and it worked perfectly. It even sent backup to the module once a day showing me it’s not the USB drive or the module. I have replaced the USB with multiple usb drives and no change. Now the 30 day cloud is over and tested my doorbell to see if anything can be saved to the module and it won’t save.It informs me that motion was detected but no clips are sent to the module or usb drive. It just stays blank. Format is exfat and I have even tired fat32. So after many hours of trial and error and it never working…I thought of home assistant. I installed it and have the blink add on working but would like to bypass the module and any new activity at the doorbell - I would like it to save to the actual hard drive. I dont want to replace my ISP…too much BS there. I also have too many lights in the home that are wifi and so on…it would be a nightmare to replace. So I am trying to stay with my current ISP and use the desktop that has home assistant on it to save recording or motion recording to the hard drive and bypass the whole blink module…- is this even an option?

Thanks and have a wonderful day.