Saving automations

Hi All

I have recently noticed that every time I go and look at an automation (as in edit) the minute I open the automation the save button pops up before I have even done anything, this used to happed once I changed something but now happens all the time without even changing anything.

It does this for me on any browser and the IOS app, its even more annoying on the IOS app as when you try to navigate to another page from the editor you are presented with a leave or save button and the leave button has never worked for me on the app and I have always been forced to select save. This bothers me as I dont want to save it just in case when scrolling through the automation on my phone by big fat fingers have inadvertently changed something.

Is it just me, have I changed something i dont know about?
Any input as always greatly received

Yup, always asks to save, even if you did not change anything.

Is this a new issue for you or always been that way, as it has only just started doing it for me recently?

It has not always been the case, but for how long I don’t know, since I write most of my automations by hand.

@rossk Yep, I thought I was loosing it but part of a learning curve for me was simply making sure of what I was, or wasn’t doing; not exactly sure when it started but happens seemingly all the time, any browser. Better safe than sorry I suppose. Using the built-in GUI for creating automations till I understand things better :confused: