Saving ESPCam snapshots to FritzNAS - Failing to whitelist and address folder

Hi all,

I want to save snapshots from my ESPCam to my Fritz.nas storage. I mounted the network storage both as “media” and “share”:

as CIFS with this name:

This is my code for the snapshots (the directory to save the files is not correct):

service: camera.snapshot
  filename: >-
  device_id: *********
enabled: true
enabled: false

I have tried to add the storage to the whitelist in configuration.yaml but the commented out directories do not work:

    - /media
    - /media/BirdCamStorage/IC25N080-ATMR04-0-01/BirdCam
    - /share

Has anyone an idea how to properly mount and address the Fritz.nas storage?

Still working on this one. I read around in the documents and mounted the folder as “media”. That probably makes more sense. I can now see the folder in the “Media” tab. I still do not know how to properly address the folder. Any hint appreciated.

After I found this section in the documentation :
I amended the whitelisted folders and tried to amend my automation. I have replaced the quoted parts in my initial post.

When running the automation (save to fritz.nas) I get the following reply:
"Cannot write media/BirdCamStorage/IC25N080-ATMR04-0-01/BirdCam/BirdCam_20231105-205402.jpg, no access to path; allowlist_external_dirs may need to be adjusted in configuration.yaml"

Tried “share” and “media”, no change.

The leading “/” seems to be missing. This appears to work in case the harddrive is not shut down. I seam to have an issue with not sufficient power for led and snapshot but I can take care of that seperately. This is the code in the automation in case it is useful for anyone in the future:

service: camera.snapshot
  filename: >
  device_id: f6d53b1bd6ac359af6496e0372fe598e
enabled: true