Saving, Setting and Restoring Amazon Alexa Volumes

Has anyone had any luck being able to cycle through all the Alexa media players, saving their current volume level, setting the volume on all to like 80%, then restoring the volume back to what it was previously set at after the tts alexa play runs?

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In which scenario you are using the 80% volume on all Alexa devices?
Playing media on the “Everywhere” group?
If so, you can build a automation based on the media status of the everywhere group to set the volume back to default when the group is back in idle state?

Or create a scene with default volume settings and end all tts automations with the scene

I want it to set default volume for announcements without effecting the previous volume setting for each specific device.

Kitchen 100%
Master Bedroom 60%
Garage 90%

Save those values in a variable.

Set kitchen 100%
Set master bedroom 100%
Set garage 100%

Play audio file and announcement.

Restore kitchen 100%
Restore master bedroom 60%
Restore garage 90%