Sbanken Sensor Platform

The norwegian bank Sbanken recently released an open API so developers can interact with their bank accounts. I find this intriguing, so I made this sensor platform that can be added as custom component.

A fun project, and also a great opportunity for me to learn Python.

If any other automating norwegians want to use this, I would love to hear your feedback.

Currently it provides a sensor for each account which is updated every 30 minutes.

Installation instructions are in the repository.

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holy cow…this surely has HUGE security implications and risks???

Why? It’s using a token and secret API key. Why would this be a HUGE security risk when so many other platforms using the same types of technique?

Good job! :slight_smile:
Is this the same type of API as Swedbanken in Sweden released a while ago? Any connections between those two API’s?

OK, so I guess I do not know for sure its a risk, but I personally have not heard of any other bank releasing an API to the public allowing interaction with accounts…it just seems like it should be a risk.
Yea I guess other services use APIs etc, but none of them vary my bank details.
just my 2 pennies worth.

I see your point. But I see no more vulnerability than the countless other APIs out there. Even exposing HA to the internet could potentially put you at the risk of someone opening your garage door, playing disco with your lights and locking you out of your own home. I would not consider an API that lets you see your bank balance and transfer between your own accounts that risky. I think it’s great that banks are doing this now. Several banks in Norway are actually rolling out Open APIs. More on open banking:

I’m not sure. But it’s probably not all that different. I haven’t seen their docs, but as it’s probably a REST API aswell, I would imagine it would be similar. Not sure if “Open Banking” is a standard for bank APIs.

Hey Tomjens,

Is this something we could do for the swedish banks aswell?
Like this one:!/

@kernehed Probably. A quick look at their API and it seems pretty similar.

For anyone curious or interested, European banks opening up their systems it probably due to PSD2 that is effective in 2018.

How is it to adapt this to several / other Norwegian banks?
I can see that this component is over one year old, is it still working?

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Se link til toringer sin github.
Den virker for Sbanken.

If anyone is interested in making a integration, Nordea Direct now also have an API.

Looks like it is a little to complex for me to makte use of atm.