SBFspot Bluetooth homeassistant addon

Have to search everything together tediously just created the PVoutput account and the API. Everything that is needed there is quite cumbersome just to access the data internally.

If you just want to test that it works and connects to your inverter.

You can just put fake details in for PVoutput and mariadb. You need the mariadb addon installed though, it just doesn’t need to be configured fully.

You only need haos-sbfspot and mqtt for internal data.

So the instructions in HAOS-SBFspot are actually not really correct if I understand them correctly.

The instructions are designed as a full setup including uploading to PVoutput.

PVoutput account and API are required to use the upload feature.

Mariadb addon or similiar SQL database, is needed to store the data for upload to PVOutput.

phpMyAdmin is required to create the DB structure.

MQTT broker is needed to send MQTT messages to home Assistant.

Anyway, my biggest problem is that I have to laboriously look for everything together and then unfortunately translate it into German.

Yeah sorry I don’t speak German…

This is the official SBFspot github, I am not affiliated with them as such.

Why do you always have to make everything so complicated? I’ve been wondering for a long time why do I need cloud access or external access to a home control system, what does that have to do with intelligent control if I always have to intervene and monitor from outside.
Thank you for your help, it definitely got me a step further.
Boy Stefan from Germany

Who do you think You is in this instance?
I just made this addon for my personal use and made it available to the community. I am not affiliated with home assistant or SBFspot.

Sorry didn’t mean to offend you or offend you in any way. I’m glad they helped me further.
That was just my personal opinion on cloud and remote access to home automation.

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Hello, could you please help me again. Program runs so far but still get two error messages that I can not fix.
Error: Can’t open MySQL db [SBFspot] : Access denied for user
MQTT: Failed te execute ‘/usr/bin/mosquitto_pub’ mosquitto client installed?
Error 256 while publishing to MQTT Broker

Well the DB error looks like password error.
Did you add the access needed(username, password, and DB name.) in the mariadb addon options?

I think that 256 mosquitto error is a password error also.

Double check your user and passwords.

It is probably worth doing a host reboot too. Secrets especially need a restart generally. A host reboot will clear any funny addon errors hopefully.

Out of curiosity when you say it is running so far. Is it actually connecting to your inverter and displaying solar data in the log?

What do I have to enter in PVoutput if I don’t want to use it?

Just put some fake number.



In saying that I disabled sbfspotupload in the multiinv version, as only one version needs to upload when using multiple inverters.
So you could use that instead. Just copy/paste your options into it. You still need to provide a fake api etc to pass the options though I think.

I’ve done that now. As far as my English goes and for my understanding I don’t get a connection to the DB because I don’t have any new Mqtt sensors because of it, I really understood it.

Hmm that shouldn’t be correct.

Can you post the log, with any sensitive info removed.

Can you do me a favour.
Would you mind posting a screenshot of the empty options page. I want to see if the translations show up(in English) perhaps they don’t show up for you if English is not your set language…

I’ll start again right away, everything takes a while.
I uninstalled the DB and will reinstall it again.

[2022-11-06 22:56:40.315] Error: Can’t open MySQL db [SBFspot] : Access denied for user ‘sbfspot’@‘’ (using password: YES)
MQTT: Publishing (homeassistant/sbfspot_{plantname}/sbfspot_{serial}) “PrgVersion”: “3.9.7”,“Plantname”: “SMA Wechselrichter”,“Timestamp”: “2022-11-06T22:56:40+0100”,“SunRise”: “2022-11-06T03:40:00+0100”,“SunSet”: “2022-11-06T15:15:00+0100”,“InvSerial”: 2110179211,“InvName”: “SN: 2110179211”,“InvTime”: “2022-11-06T22:56:39+0100”,“InvStatus”: “Ok”,“InvSwVer”: “02.64.00.R”,“InvClass”: “Solar Inverters”,“InvType”: “STP 8000TL-10”,“InvTemperature”: 0.000,“InvGridRelay”: “Information not available”,“EToday”: 5.668,“ETotal”: 94520.004,“GridFreq”: 0.000,“PACTot”: 0.000,“PAC1”: 0.000,“UAC1”: 0.000,“IAC1”: 0.000,“OperTm”: 47488.841,“FeedTm”: 45918.224,“PDCTot”: 0.000,“UDC1”: 0.000,“UDC2”: 0.000,“IDC1”: 0.000,“IDC2”: 0.000,“PDC1”: 0.000,“PDC2”: 0.000,“BTSignal”: 0.000,“InvWakeupTm”: “2022-11-06T07:27:53+0100”,“InvSleepTm”: “2022-11-06T16:45:52+0100”
Error: Unknown option ‘Wechselrichter/sbfspot_2110179211’.
Use ‘mosquitto_pub --help’ to see usage.
MQTT: Failed te execute ‘/usr/bin/mosquitto_pub’ mosquitto client installed?
Error 256 while publishing to MQTT Broker
Reading events: 2022-Nov-01
Sun Nov 6 22:56:40 2022: INFO: Done.
Configuration Error: Syntax error on line 34 [/usr/bin/sbfspot/SBFspotUpload.cfg]

Well it should send mqtt data without a DB connection.

Ok so the order of the error codes isn’t really important.
There are effectively two programs running SBFspot and SBFspotUpload, they log to the same console, which is why the order isn’t really important.

This is an error from SBFspotUpload.
This error is ok for the moment. You can just ignore it. Although it is a permissions error. It doesn’t matter for MQTT even though it is right before the mqtt.

[2022-11-06 22:56:40.315] Error: Can’t open MySQL db [SBFspot] : Access denied for user ‘sbfspot’@‘’ (using password: YES)

This error matters It is from mosquitto_pub(SBFspot)

Error: Unknown option ‘Wechselrichter/sbfspot_2110179211’.
Use ‘mosquitto_pub --help’ to see usage.
MQTT: Failed te execute ‘/usr/bin/mosquitto_pub’ mosquitto client installed?
Error 256 while publishing to MQTT Broker

The problem is the SPACE in your plantname I think,

“SMA Wechselrichter”

try it as 

“SMA_Wechselrichter”      ### with an underscore between


“Wechselrichter”          ### without the SMA at the start

This is Good. It means you are connecting to the Inverter and getting data. Just have to sort out the MQTT issue.

MQTT: Publishing (homeassistant/sbfspot_{plantname}/sbfspot_{serial}) “PrgVersion”: “3.9.7”,“Plantname”: “SMA Wechselrichter”,“Timestamp”: “2022-11-06T22:5 etc etc etc

This means the SID is not being picked up from options.

Configuration Error: Syntax error on line 34 [/usr/bin/sbfspot/SBFspotUpload.cfg]

Yes, that was it simply without teaching signs.
I just tested the MultiNV and it works with the same setting.
Good work.
Can I enter the serial number by hand?

Hmm you shouldn’t need to… it is getting picked up in the mqtt data.

If you want to have it as something else… Change this option


to something like




I am not totally sure that will work with the sensor creation though.
It goes through like 3 parsers to convert the information into the correct syntax…