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I have a burning issue as to why this argument is being deprecated. I used to have the Android IP Webcam entry in the YAML but now it won’t let me. This means that the scan_interval 1 can’t be added so the integration won’t let the app send the data like it used to, each second. This COMPLETELY breaks the functionality for the proximity sensor, motion sensor as well as light sensor of the app. PLEASE help me, this breaks my smart home as I have pulleys all over my house as presented here. 30 June 2022 - YouTube

So you have pulleys set up all over the house connected to doors to wave something in front of a camera to detect occupancy?

That is the most Rube Goldberg machine I have ever seen in real life.

Why not use a simple $3 zigbee door contact sensor?


Because I also use the phones as lovelace panels as well as voice assistants as well as image recognition, as well as security system for recording. The most important feature I use the phones for is to seamlessly teleport whatever I’m currently watching into whatever room I’m stepping into, as presented here 20 May 2022 - YouTube
The cost of the sensors isn’t the issue, having a smarthome just from phones is.

Yes scan_interval was removed but there’s a replacement… so it’s a moot point. Just use the replacement. Call the home_assistarn.update_entity service every second.

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I did actually try doing this before posting, to no avail. I stopped polling and did just what you mentioned via automation and it doesn’t do anything, the integration just isn’t feeding HA the data, with the last updated time for the entity remaining the last time it auto polled. (edit: forgot to mention the logs don’t show anything when doing this, like the action went through undeterred). Can you please tell me how to alter the default integration instead locally?

And how did you verify it wasn’t working? Keep in mind that state objects suppress identical state objects. So nothing in HA will show it’s updating every second unless the state is constantly changing every second.

yes I had a hunch that was the case so I physically actioned the sensor to see if it updates. It didn’t.
I either need to change the scan rate of the default integration or create multiple template sensors to replace the ones that broke. Can you please point me as to how I can accomplish this?

Can you post the automation you created and also post the details behind the sensor you’re updating?

sure, the sensor I am referring to is the proximity sensor, but if the polling is stopped then I suppose I have to update all of the Android IP Webcam’s sensors manually now.

alias: Proximity
description: “”

  • platform: time_pattern
    seconds: /1
    condition: []
  • service: homeassistant.update_entity
    data: {}
    entity_id: sensor.192_168_100_35_proximity
    mode: single

That automation will update all entities associated with the device. I can’t tell if it’s formatted properly because you didn’t format it. But assuming that sensor.192_168_100_35_proximity comes from the same integration as your camera and that your format for the automation is correct, it will work.

I did format it it properly in ha, seeing as I did it in the UI.
Also, it doesn’t seem to not work, meaning that the traces do not show it as erring.
However, the sensor does not refresh: I can provide video evidence if you don’t believe me.
As I said, the last moment the sensor updated was the time I disabled the polling even though I physically actioned it to make it change value.

I don’t need video evidence. The traces will show the last time it was triggered. It should be triggering every second. As long as the proximity sensor is a part of the andriod ip camera integration, it will force an update. If it doesn’t, that would be a bug.

Very well then I should report it as such? Can you point me in the right direction please? Thank you for your continued assistance.
edit: the traces do show it just like you mentioned but it still doesn’t change state
edit2: it seems sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t and the manual refresh just works the same as the polling does (not each second)

Create the issue on github with your provided evidence that it’s not updating.

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