Scan Interval for the UPNP / Netgear Entities

Hello - I have been unsuccessfully trying to set the scan interval for the Netgear sensor entities to a lower poll rate.

I am running a plain HASS.IO installation on a Pi4, other than adding some Addons have not done any configuration changes.

The UPNP addon created 6 total sensor entities, one of them listed below, and of these refresh every 30s, flooding the database.

I have tried multiple avenues to change this

  1. Set the scan_interval in configuration.yaml to a higher number, tried a couple of different ways here within the UPNP.
  2. Customize the Entity from the front-end

This didn’t work in configuration.yaml (combined and separately)

  - platform : upnp
    scan_interval: 300
  - platform: netgear
    scan_interval: 300

This is the sensor entity I am talking about : (one of the six)

Having spent multiple hours on this now, i am hoping to get some help here.

Any pointers - I assume this is something blatantly obvious and I cant find it.

Did you found a solution???

Isn’t it enough to exclude it from recording?

FYI, with the latest HA update it was causing my orbi router’s web interface to throw 500 error and stop responding, so I had to roll back.