Scan intervals


I’m confused by the configuration of scan_intervals for my sensors.
If I don’t set a scan_interval, I get some default. How do I find out what the default is? Is there any documentation?

By looking at the code, I see SCAN_INTERVAL values in different places. I’m guesing that this defines default values of the scan interval for different things. In particular, it is 30 seconds for sensors, 15 seconds for covers and also some values for lights, switches, etc. Some components override this value individually, e.g. DNS IP sets it to 120 seconds.

I’m assuming that if I enter a scan_interval into my configuration, it will override the defaults above. Is this correct?
If yes, it would be nice to have it documented, including what sensors have what defaults so that looking into code is not necessary.

Also, I found a MIN_TIME_BETWEEN_UPDATES value in some sensors. Why is it needed if there is a scan_interval?


Hey there,
has this been answered somewhere? I have the same questions and weren’t able to find an explanation.

It is…here.

Because we want to throttle the requests to the third-party due to API request limits and to not hammer the API. Usually if a data object is storing multiple values for different sensors.

what are the units for scan intervals seconds or ms?

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They are in seconds