Scape specific cell from HTML table?

Could someone help advise if it’s possible to scrape a specific cell from the table on this page -

I’m really after the last column (‘virtual’) from the Sweden line.


I can’t see that page as it’s behind a login. That’s not a problem for the scrape sensor if the authentication is simple, though.

First step is to view the original source of the page via right-click / View Source rather than through the browser DevTools. You need to see if the information you want is available in the HTML source of the page as opposed to being dynamically updated via XMLHTTP calls. Scraping the former is easy; the latter varies between much harder and not really possible.

If you can, paste the original source to the page as far as the element you’re interested in to something like PasteBin so we can have a look.

Thanks - what I’m looking to scrape is the contents of the cell in line 814 of this