Scene Actions reemerge

I use deConz and have a number of scenes defined for light groups. Since I am also using the Home Assistant complication on my watch, the list of actions is quite large. I have tried to deselect all scene actions inside the Home Assistant app, only to observe the list getting repopulated sometime later. Would it be possible to have a generic enable / disable of scene actions inside the app?

Did anybody ever have a solution for this? It is frustrating to continually have to disable Scene Actions in the companion app just for them to show back up enabled at a later date.

I’m also wondering! Would be lovely to exclude specific scenes :slight_smile:

I’ve the same problem! Hundreds of scenes from the Lutron integration that are cluttering the Apple Watch!

Same issue here - happens every time you force reload scenes, or temporary scenes are created in automations…
Makes using HA on Apple Watch not fun

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And it is also not possible to delete temporary created scenes…

Continues to be a problem after all these years. Shame!