Scene Activated on its own

My lights turn on or off pretty much unexpectedly when editing scenes. Is this a bug?

No. Check your logs for what triggered the lamps.

Thanks, I’ve discovered it is during editing of the scene. Just navigating around the scene Activates the scene.
It makes no sense why it would do that.

Seems weird, nothing I have noticed. I suggest that you re-start HA and reload your browser.

Edit: I stand corrected. You are right! When you edit lamps in a scene, lamps goes to the specific scene values. When you leave the scene they are back to previous. I have not noticed this before, I guess it is by design. Nice though :slightly_smiling_face:

My solution is after every edit is to Close the browser down.

  1. Go into the scene edit mode.
  2. Fix the lights that changed when entering the scene.
  3. Make your edits. Hit save.
  4. Close the Browser as to not activate the scene.
  5. Open the Browser and move on.

Easy peasy.

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