Scene as exposed domains for emulated hue?

Why they cannot be selected?

I have some scenes that I want to use with Amazon Echo, how to?

    - name: Purple livingroom
            state: on
            brightness: 254
            rgb_color: [255,106,253]

Alexa turn on purple livingroom

did you get this working?
I’m thinking of creating scenes but say red/green/etc and have just the scene file for each one, would this allow me to say “echo, turn on red in livingroom”?

that is exactly what I want to do, and that is exactly what I am not able to do … yet …

check this discussion

I asked the guy how he did it, I am awaiting an answer

ahh great thank you

I got this working last night… really easy to be honest. (I know the colour isn’t Red but i am colourblind!!)

put this then reboot and get your dot/echo to discover devices, bingo it should appear in the list and work as planned. You will need to create loads of scene for each light, but copy paste done.

type: alexa
- script
- scene


  • name: red dining room
    state: on
    brightness: 155
    color_temp: 500

yes but problem is the 49 item limit of the emulated_hue