Scene automatically changing

I have a couple of scenes that control a pair of RGBW GU10 bulbs. When a zigbee wall switch is used is recalls a scene that makes both of these lights white, and can turn them off. This works fine. I then have an additional scene where one of the bulbs is turned off and the other is set to pure blue at 50% brightness. This scene is called by an automation using a time trigger at 2345 each day. At sunrise another automation triggers the calling of an another scene that turns both of these bulbs off.

I understand that when the wall switch is used after 2345 this will override the current scene and run the white scene. But my issue is that every so often the automation triggers the scene and instead of blue, the single light comes on as white at full strength. When ever this happens I check the scene to see it has been edited and the light is now set to white rather than blue.

How is the scene editing itself?
Is there a way to lock a scene to prevent this?
What makes this happen?

One thing I have noticed is that when I edit the scene to correct it, and make the bulb blue and save it everything is fine. However, if I go back to the scenes page it often changes to white again.

Any suggestions?

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Any updates about this?

I just started running into this issue as well.