Scene Light Control Not Working (RGB)

Hi all,

I have a weird problem with an MQTT light when operating under the control of a scene.

The light works perfectly from the UI in all respects, on/off, rgb colour and brightness.

The problem is rgb_color not working under the scene. My scene config;

- name: Livingroom TV Dim
      state: on
      rgb_color: [114,79,0]
      brightness: 25
      state: off
      transition: 2
      state: on
      transition: 2
      brightness: 50
      rgb_color: [133,84,0]
      state: on
      brightness: 20

It’s the entity light.roof_lights that I am struggling with. With the version included, the light will switch on, and will adjust brightness to the 25 requested, but the colour remains whatever it was when it was last switched off. If I click on the Scene from the UI again (a second time), then the colour then changes. If it’s helpful, here is the config code;

light 2:
  - platform: mqtt
    name: 'Roof Lights'
    state_topic: 'arilux/state/state'
    command_topic: 'arilux/state/set'
    brightness_state_topic: 'arilux/brightness/state'
    brightness_command_topic: 'arilux/brightness/set'
    rgb_state_topic: 'arilux/color/state'
    rgb_command_topic: 'arilux/color/set'
    optimistic: false

The light is a esp8266 controlled RGB LED chip. Really straightforward. As I said, from the native UI it all works perfectly, just the scene control I’m struggling with.

Thanks in advance for any help from the community.


Try RGB color without brightness. In the last set of updates, it seems those two parameters conflict…

@bendedarrow Boom, fixed. Many thanks for this. I was “troubleshooting” with si many commands in such a haphazard order I’ve lost track of I even tried just turning it on and the colour change.

Do you know if this bug has been reported?

I don’t know if it is a bug or a result of the breaking change here: