Scene not activating all entities

Howdy all. I’m playing around with scenes for the first time and having some issues. In short, I’m using a scene to set my aircon to ‘dry’ and activate one zone, and turn off the other two zones (drying a basement). I can do this through UI, I can do this manually, but it doesn’t work well:

- id: "1647654583121"
  name: Basement Drying
      state: "off"
      state: "off"
      state: "on"
      state: dry
  icon: mdi:waves-arrow-up

The two switches for kitchen and living generally don’t fire properly - sometimes they’ll switch the device off, sometimes not, and the state to dry doesn’t work well either.

I tried configuring from UI and experienced similar behaviour.

Any ideas?

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Try putting in a wait delay in the automation between scenes.