Scene not setting brightness correctly

I just installed an Inovelli Black dimmer switch (no-neutral configuration). It works perfectly, except for this scene:

  name: Movie - Paused
      brightness: 70
      friendly_name: Basement Stairs
      supported_features: 33
      state: 'on'
      brightness: 80
      friendly_name: Basement Lights
      supported_features: 33
      state: 'on'

When I activate this scene when the lights are off, the Inovelli dimmer (light.black_series_dimmer) comes on to full brightness. The Basement Stairs light correctly turns on to the specified brightness. If the lights are already on (anywhere from very dim, to full bright), then activating this scene causes the Inovelli to correctly go to the specified brightness.

So, is there a way to make the scene work properly? Or do I scrap the scene and use a script/automation? Because calling light.turn_on with a brightness does actually turn on to the correct level.