Scene that Toggle Scene's?

Hi all,
I’m a novice user and have done a search, but if I missed the answer in my search, just let me know!

The problem I’m trying to solve:
I have a Violet Ultra light switch. It allows me to interact with HA via an emulated Philips Hue plugin. That means it can only activate Scenes in HA.
So for my lights, I’ve create On and Off Scenes.
However, as you can see below, I can only have 4 lights displayed, as the light switch doesn’t allow for a second page:

The solution I think I need:
For me, a Scene that toggles between selected scene would be ideal. e.g. Dining Room Lights (Toggle between the on and off scenes).
The closest blueprint I could find for this was this “Simple Scene Toggle” by @panhans but as it’s a Script it wont work for me as my light switch can only interact with Scenes.

My ask:
Can anyone point me in the right direction or advise on what I could try here please?
Again, if there’s a thread on this already, apologies for missing it!
I’m fairly novice, but am prepared to have a go as these light switches were pricey, but are proving to be a little frustrating for my family.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hey, you can define a dummy scene which you can call from your dashboard and an automation which waits for the event of the dummy scene activation. When dummy scene is called the automation will be triggered and executes the scene toggle script.

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@panhans This sounds like a winner, but do you have slightly more idiot proof steps on this please?

  1. Create an “empty” scene that you will display on your interface
  2. Create an automation that will be triggered by the state of this scene (since 2022.2, scenes have a state, which is the time it was last activated)
  3. In your automation, activate other scenes to your liking
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Thanks @koying I feel like im close!
I’ve understood what you’re pointing me to, but am stuck on step 2:
How do I define the state of the scene?

Also for step 3, what would be the best way to tell the automation to select differing on/off scenes?
If there’s a blueprint for this automation, that would be great!


You don’t. It will trigger on every “activation” of the scene. Leave everything else blank.

Not sure what you mean. You have 4 buttons, so you will have 4 “dummy” scenes, and 4 automations doing different stuff depending

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HOLY CRAP Its working!!!

Thank you so much!!!

Ok so for anyone at my level of IQ searching for this solution here’s what I misunderstood.
Using @koying 's approach, I can delete my old scenes and simply in my automation control the devices directly themselves. Here’s an example:

I’m happy to export this all as a blueprint if ever anyone needs it, just tell me how.

Hope this helps someone in future. Big thank you to both @koying for figuring this out and @panhans for the work on their automation too!

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Hello @noobey, I tried this method and it worked until I noticed that every time I save any scene, all of the scenes state change at the same time and these automations are suddenly triggered (for all scenes using this method). Have you had this issue? I started another post about this issue.