Scene with Z-wave light - set RGB code


I’m trying to setup scenes with my z-wave Aeon Labs RGBW led light, i.e. change the color to a specific RGB-code.

I’ve tried to use the commands from the light component ( ), but no success. This is the code I tried to use and it only makes the the light turn on. I’ve also tried using profiles and effects but no luck…

  - name: Test1
            state: on
            brightness: 100
            color_temp: 100
            rgb_color: [255,100,100]
            transition: 2

Any ideas? I have not found any good documentation for z-wave lights in HA…

And a second question regarding scenes. How do I make the scene switch be a toggle switch instead of text (“Activate”)?


Is this acutal??
Do you find a solution??