Scene Wizard

Hey guys -

Still new to HomeAssistant, but not HA and I can see one glaring omission (albeit likely intentional) in HomeAssistant - a scene creation wizard. While I can write up the configs for a scene, my friends and family that I would like to suggest this product too can not.

I imagine with the plethora of supported components and options along with the conditions, this is not an easy task - but I think adding this would be amazing.


Not quite wizard but this might help:

Your family can set the scene up then you can capture it and save it.


This post would most likley be better suited for the Feature Request part of the forum. :slight_smile:

Agreed. I’ve moved it.

Re: the workflow, I’ve scene (see what i did there) that - but I dont want to have to be involved in this. Its something people should be able to do autonomously. 'Sides big part of scenes is controlling what triggers them - be it a trigger from another device, an app or some other condition.