Scenes and scripts running slow when triggered old device

I don’t know if there is a way of fixing this, but I just bought a cheap 8 inch tablet for AUD$60 off Amazon as a dashboard for my kitchen wall and is running on android companion app. But when I trigger any of the scenes or scrips through the dashboard on this tablet they run slow and not always action all the changes.
I thought the tablet would be the trigger, and all the script actions would run off HA installed and run on a new HA Green… any advice on changing the setup to trigger on cheap dashboard, but run on the HA Green.

That, exactly.

Maybe the tablet has a hard time executing the javascript on the frontend side, but once a scene or script is triggered, the tablet doesn’t have influence (unless you do advanced stuff like using browser mod)

Yeah didn’t have anything any massive things in there. Just switching scenes. So not sure why it acts this way.