Scenes changing themselves

I have built a scene that sets my 6 GU10 RGBW bulbs to blue. I then use an automation to trigger that scene when a button is pressed. When you press the button the lights all go blue as expected, then a second later most of them go white. Here is the scene:

  • id: ‘1645826909547’
    name: sc_cinema_blue
    min_mireds: 153
    max_mireds: 500
    - brightness
    - color_temp
    - hs
    - onoff
    color_mode: hs
    brightness: 255
    - 240
    - 100
    - 0
    - 0
    - 255
    - 0.136
    - 0.04
    - light.cinema1
    - light.cinema2
    - light.cinema3
    - light.cinema4
    - light.cinema5
    - light.cinema6
    icon: mdi:lightbulb-group
    friendly_name: Cinema
    supported_features: 0
    state: ‘on’

Here is tha animation. I have added a step to turn the lights off prior to calling the blue scene aboe. the reason I tried this is the lights are often white so I wanted to see if this helps, but it doesnt.

  • id: ‘1646602942853’
    alias: Cinema blue
    description: ‘’
    • platform: device
      type: turned_on
      device_id: 84834405c93ac9cb543c28a995a9f27a
      entity_id: switch.cinema_switch_switch_1
      domain: switch
      condition: []
    • scene: scene.cinema_off
    • scene: scene.cinema_blue

Any hints as to what might be going on?

Can you repost using Preformatted text Tags please, otherwise we can’t see your indentation. The </> button on the toolbar when editing.

I cant see that button and am not sure how to do what you are asking.