Scenes created with scene.create to survive a restart

I use auto created scenes for automation of lights and fan with motion.

  • If no motion create a scene and stop/close
  • when motion activate scene
    that way only if you had lights/fan on they restart.
    I now use a template to check if scene entity exist but its a hassle
    By allowing auto created scene to survive a restart this would be solved.

I have another use case for this:

When using smartbulbs it can happen that they all turn on after a power loss. I created a very small automation to take a snapshot of all smart lights using scene.create when any change occured to a certain lights. When home assistant restarts, my plan was to just apply this scene and the lights would be as before the power whent out. But there I ran into the same problem you are facing, temp scenes don’t survive a restart…

Another Use Case: The User (not the Admin) wants to alter a Scene permanently.
I have defined the Scene “Chill”, and my Wife thinks that’s too Dark. She could just alter the Scene and overwrite the existing.
Or save it as "User01“.

another use case: I have a configuration where I have modes for each room - which is basically a conglomerate of scenes getting triggered by room zone occupancy (zones like couch area, desk, dining table…). This results in a shitton of scenes. For living room alone, I have 5 scenes per mode, and about a handful of modes. I want to automate that bulk scene creation as they all follow a specific templated naming scheme. So I could just be like
“okay, I’ll add a mode called eating, and now trigger this scene creatiion script which will create empty scenes for that mode for every room.” It would be hugely time-saving for the future.