Scenes don't activate from Node Red

I created a scene in HA called away mode. This scene turns off all the lights and fans in the house. In Node Red, I created a sequence starting with an events state node. The node is set to output when my alarm is armed_away. This goes directly to a call service node of turn_on the away mode scene. When I arm my alarm to away and check Node Red, under the call service node I can see that the service was called when the alarm event was detected. However, the scene doesn’t actually turn off anything. If I go to the configuration tab in HA and manually activate the scene, it does exactly what its supposed to do. Am I doing something wrong in Node Red to activate a scene? I have other sequences that call other scenes that work just fine, but this one does not for some reason. Anyone know what could cause this to happen?

Can you post your NodeRed Flow?


Try scene for domain

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I’ll give that a shot, thanks

Hi did you success on making the scene working? How?

Got the same problem, any solutions?

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Well did you?

Anyone get it working?

"service_domain": "scene",
"service": "turn_on",
"entityId": "scene.nightwalker",
 "data": "",

and also

"service_domain": "scene",
"service": "turn_on",
 "data": "{\"entity_id\":\"scene.nightwalker\"}",

but I cannot get Node-Red to activate the scene.
I know there are some geniuses on here who may be willing to help.
Can anybody help please?

Works fine for me. Make sure the scene actually exists and that you can call it via homeassistant ServiceCall.
It should also be in the autofill of Nodered