Schedule Backup in HA OS?


I recently migrated from a Debian VM with HA running to HAOS. Backup/ restore went smoothless!

Now I am looking for a way to configure my backup in HA OS (before I used /etc/crontab on Debian).

I already was able to configure an external backup target to store my backups on a NAS share and configure HAOS to use this as primary target.

Now I am looking for a way to configure the starting time for the backup as well as the number of “to-keep”.

Currently I only have a single backup with start around 19:00 daily. No good. I prefer as starting time somewhere in the night (ie 3:00) and please keep 7 old backups.

I have not found a place where to configure. And no, the current backup is not based on an automation. It must be configured somewhere else… where?

Any idea?

Thanks a lot!

Check out option 5 here:

Lot’s of ways to do what you want.

I prefer the SAMBA bacckup add-on. It has configurable numbers of backups to keep locally and on the remote share (I keep 7 local, 30 on my NAS).


thanks for advice. However, this does not apply to me. I already haven my backups on a remote location.

But the schedule does not fit nor does the number of backups to be hold.

I expected this to be at least partially configurable without the need to install another add-on.

Why using a 3rd party tool when HAOS can do it -more or less- by itself?

So where’s the entry why the backup starts atound 19:00? Is this the default setting?


This is the gold standard for HA OS backup. Rock solid and has the start time and retention features you are looking for.

I simply created an automation that triggers at a specified time and calls the service hassio.backup_full
Works perfectly for me and you can also specify the location and other settings.
My NAS will download the backup files fom HA and runs a clean-up job to delete old Backups from HA directly.
You can propanly also create a shell command and execute it with an automation to do the clean-up.

Again, I am NOT looking for an AddOn which has perfect features!
I do not have GoogleDrive nor am I planning to get access!

Same here. Sorry, but not helpful.

I am having a backup which is running. Just not perfectly. I am looking for a way to (re-)configure the existing one.

Creating an automation add another backup which results in having two backups. Which I do not want.


Sorry, I missunderstood your first post.

Could it be that it is an automation which does not show in the GUI?
Have you had a look into the automations.yaml file if there shows something up which could be your current backup?
Propably something in the configuration.yaml?

I have never heard about a default backup job in HA so far.


THAT was a good hint! Although I did not find any occurences there. But I did not see a backup from today. So looks like it miracally disapeared…

However, I created now a backup Job which creates a full backup to my NAS folder from where my “real” backup tasks is running.

Thanks for the input, guys!