Schedule Helper mobile unusable

Hi there,

I use multiple time helpers to simulate a kind of schedule for different entities. Then I saw the schedule helper and was lucky because it can replace the helpers.

I have to say that I use homeassistant only on my mobile (android). But there I can’t use the schedule helper. It doesn’t recognize any clicks. Sometimes a click and swipe resulted in a short period, but it is not controllable.

So we need a function to make the selections. I have a little understanding of HTML and JavaScript and I think it is not possible to work with click and swipe. Maybe the solution is a modal with some options.

There is the same problem in the settings of my Fritz box. Here is also a scheduler for parental control. They are using a modal activated by a button click (see attachment). Maybe it would be possible to do this?

iOS phones use force touch to edit schedules fairly reliably but even this is not intuitive. Took me ages to work out how to do it. A better interface is needed for mobile.

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