Schedule restart of HA

I would like to schedule a reboot of HA or raspberry pi at a specefik time. How can I do this? Automation?

The restart function is exposed so I would imagine you could schedule a restart via automation. I might be interested in that as well. If it is due to crashes and things like that though, it might make more sense to restart it via a cron job outside of the HA system.

Good tip, thx.
Found some tutorials to start with. Have you tried cron?

Just out of curiosity, what is causing you to want to restart HA or even reboot Raspberry Pi? Are you having issues?

Its just that these devices are designed to be able to run for extended periods of time without the need for a reboot, and HA is meant to as well, so restarting on a schedule seems to be a work around for something rather than a solution.

Correct! There are some problems.

  1. Sometimes HA does not work with hue lights which affect my automations.
  2. Sometimes chromecast devices will not be updated or Added several times. Exampel chromecast_1, chromecast_2 Which also affects my automations.

With a reboot every day I hope these problem will be solved.

Did you ever get to the bottom of why you had to restart? I just found out my hass was semi-broken until I restarted as well.

Would you mind posting your restart automation?

Unfortunately, my zwave sensors stop reliably updating after HA has been running for a day.

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i’ve found my zwave dies after 1 day or even less lately… even getting dead powered node for no reason. bloody annoying I can say… wasted all of today trying to sort it, back to where I was at 8am now.

Agreed. Most of my sensors (door, motion) are stable, but certain ones (power monitoring) just drop after about a day. Those same ones are fine after a restart. Wish I could figure it out.

my powered ones are dead again this morning after being fine last night, 3 time in 24 hours… going to down grade

Hello everyone,
I have a fortrezz siren connected to HA, and around every 5 hours the siren goes ‘dead’
If I reboot hassio it re-connects automatically
I was thinking of writing a script to reboot automatically if the siren dies…
any ideas guys? 165