Schedule - Unable to add or edit anything in the week grid


I’ve updated to the latest version of HA (2024,06), and since then I’m unable to create a schedule helper. I can fill in the details, but when it comes to actually setting the time settings on the graph, nothing happens. Clicking, double clicking, dragging. Nothing creates a schedule.

Anyone else experiencing this behaviour?

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Yes, can confirm existing schedules can not have new times added. Existing times can be deleted though.

I have opened an issue:

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Hi, my Schedule editor is more broken than this.
I have 2 existing schedules. I can see them on the helper list.

I am on the android companion app, which is on latest/stable. HA is on 2024.6.3.

The history, logbook and “Next event” attribute are as expected. The schedule is for work and I can see the past week or so, and the datetime of tomorrow morning.

If I click on the three dot menu and ‘Show Settings’, or More-info/Cog, I get a blank page, with the friendly name (Work) and a back arrow icon. No timetable grid or anything.

I can’t make a new schedule, edit or delete an existing.

You probably just need to clear your cache as it is working for iOS and desktop for me.

This is an in-app menu item in iOS. For Android you will need to search for how to do this.


There is no “…or so”. It is a weekly scheduler. One week only.

This has been a long existing bug, sometimes the more info config form is just bugged. A hard refresh usually restores it.

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I meant the Logbook section - I think that is for about 10 days?

Anyway, yes that did it, sorry for interjecting.

I wasn’t able to recreate it because clearing the cache worked for me, but it seems like it is recurring for the original poster which is unfortunate.

I might be back again! Thank you!