Scheduled automation timing issue

I have several automations that run throughout the day via node red but for some reason, the very first automation to run for the day never runs on schedule.

The first automation to run is set at 8:00am but today it didn’t run until 8:25am. Other days its earlier but it’s never on time for the first automation.

All other automations after that run as expected during the scheduled times. Has anyone run across this? Am I using the wrong type of node for this?

CPU is always < 5-10% at any given time.

This has always been an issue since I started using node-red over a year ago regardless of the version of node-red I am using.

Has anyone run into this issue before?

I suppose I could run another random useless automation much earlier in the morning to get things on track but I shouldn’t have to do that. :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:


Is it 825 everytime? Try deleting the node, deploy, then drag a new one on to the page. I am guessing that you have checked the logs (ha and nodered) and there was no related errors?

The time is completely random. Some days it could be only a few minutes off.

No errors in ha or node-red in the logs.

It only happens on the first scheduled automation of the day. If I schedule another automation before the 8am one, the new one will be the one with the issue and the 8am one will be on time.

AFAIK there is no reset or reboot of nodered overnight, I have automations that run overnight without issue. Have you tried delete, deploy, then replace the node? Also maybe define some type of message. If you don’t want it under payload just use another name but I wouldn’t leave it blank.

So the first automation of the day in node-red is actually to send a TTS to Alexa. I did some more digging and it turns out the token get’s stale overnight.

I ended up scheduling a blank notification to be sent to Alexa about 30 minutes before the first automation so it could refresh the token and I have not had the issue since.