Scheduler card/custom component

I try to insert in hacs - custom component - front end the repository but it doesn’t install …

What do you mean? You need to go to config > integrations > plus > scheduler first

You can find the scheduler-component in HACS integrations and install it from there. As KTibow mentions, then go to the integrations in HA with the + button, select the mentioned integration and add.

I installed from hacs … Already for a few days and restarted the server several times … But in integrations I can’t find the programming … I checked in the www folder and the js is there. In lovelace I find the card but when I configure a programming it tells me the call failed

Don’t you have this in integrations when you installed it from HACS?

You should be able to select a card here

Thanks for your help … I can select a card … But I don’t have that programming in the integrations … When I insert a card and create the automation I get a call failure error … Let’s see if I can post one screen

Looks like you haven’t gone to Config > Integrations > plus > scheduler.

You have to realize that these are two different things.
One is the card and the other is the component integration, and each is set up and integrated at a different location in the HA.

Thanks for your help, I was able to install the programming. actually I was trying to install the second repository from the HA integrations while I had to do it first in HACS and then in HA integration.

To make notifications in a log based on thermostat status changes…

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You can create an issue. You can also fire scripts which do that. Just curious why you don’t want to let the scheduler do its thing and you remember what you set the scheduler to?

I don’t see in my conditions the input_select that I have activated. In principle it is supported? No ?

Hi Lionel :slight_smile:
I have to ask you, once again, for your patience.
There are some bugs in the conditions, I’m making some big changes to fix them.
In the mean time, you can try to follow these steps to define the options to choose from. It should work with input_select.

Nothing urgent, I’ll wait for the next update and I’ll tell you…

Overall bravo, everything works pretty well. There may be a few cosmetic points or tweaks, but here again we’ll wait for the next version.

You have it written in the error it reports. Install the scheduler component and add it in the integrations. A few posts above.

Remove the resources part in configuration, and go to configuration in the sidebar > lovelace dashboards > resources on the top of the page > click the plus on the bottom right > add the link to the scheduler card.


The Add button is not visible for a non-admin user. On the other hand button yes, and it would be interesting to hide it…


Migration to websockets is in progress, which I believe will allow non-admin users.

I’m having a hard time to provide backwards compatibility between the upcoming release of the scheduler-component and the current version.
It looks like I am not able to transfer the existing schedules to the new format, implying that updating would result into a one-time loss of all schedules.

I only have like 15 rules myself, so it would take me 1 or 2 minutes and some screenshots to transfer them, but I have no idea how much annoyance this would be for you.
Is it acceptable for you to manually recreate your schedules after updating?