Scheduling seconds

Hello, I’m trying to find a smart switch which would help me to automate some production function that involve scheduling seconds:

es ON 12:57:28 OFF 12:57:38 every day

It’s not important that is too precise… but for sure it must be shorter than 1 minute as most smart switch brands provides only this as shortest span. In order to avoid wasting again money on a switch that cannot serve me I’d like to ask in advance if you can confirm that through the use of a “Shelly” device and “Home Assistant” I will be able to perform such a thing… as I’ve read online but didn’t yet try.

Thank you very much in advance if you can answer!

Not sure I follow your question. Are you asking if you can have an automation turn a switch on for 10 seconds and then turn it off? If so, that’s a definite yes.

The time trigger supports seconds:

It also supports input_datetime helpers, so you can easily change the trigger times from your dashboard.

Yes exactly, thanks!! I try to buy then.

Yes exactly, but it’s not just a timer, because usually by “timer” some apps mean the devices turns on/off after x seconds (one time), but the schedule function still doesn’t involve seconds so I can’t use neither…

If you had bothered to look at the link I posted you would have seen it does support seconds.

  - id: "on"
    platform: time
    at: "00:11:22" # can be replaced with a datetime helper

  - id: "off"
    platform: state
    entity_id: switch.foobar
    to: "on"
      seconds: 42 # can be replaced with a number helper
  - service: "switch.turn_{{ trigger_id }}"
      entity_id: switch.foobar

I did look it up, anyway you are right sorry, that’s exactly what I look for, I was just explaining in order to be sure 100%. Thank you for answering my doubts.

Now I’m having some troubles with the Linux installation though… is this also the right place to ask? Should I open another thread in installation? (I warn that I may ask stupid questions because I’m no expert, so sorry in advance!)