Scheduling Update Install Times

I thought it would be useful to be able to schedule the time which updates install to HA Core and HA OS.

I’ve created the relevant inputs to assist with this:

Would be great if I could just run ha os update and ha core update via a shell command but that doesn’t seem to work. I’ve also tried sending those commands user the hassio.addon_stdin service using the SSH & Web Terminal Addon but that also doesn’t seem to work even though typing that command directly in the console works.

Any idea how best to get this working?

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Running unsupervised updates is a bad idea.

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I agree generally with your sentiment but that’s also why I want to have a manual toggle so I can choose the time which it runs.

The thing is, I’m running HA OS on underpowered hardware (RPi400) and it takes quite a while to boot all my HACS custom integrations and addons (particularly node-red). Inevitably, during that 5-10 minute downtime someone in my house tries to turn on a light or google home/ siri freaks out (for a while) because it has lost its connection and thinks there are no devices in my home.

The way I figure is I can set this to run overnight on a day/ time convenient to me and I can check the logs for any issues at my convenience in the morning. I don’t have any hardware that I critically rely on HA for during the morning but do inevitably at night.