Schedy Logs and basic heatplan

Hi there,

I’m new to HA and everything works very well at my home. Now I want to implement basic schedules with Schedy.
First of all, I can’t find any logs. Can someone point me to the right folder or files to find whats going right or wrong?
Second, since I can’t see my logs, something is not working. My thermostate doesn’t react to any of the configs. Here is my very simple config. I wrote one for thew whole home, but even the simple one looks like its not working.

  module: hass_apps_loader
  class: SchedyApp
  actor_type: thermostat
  debug: true

      - value: 20
        start: "06:30"
        end: "22:00"
        name: Heizplan Kinderzimmer

Any suggestions?