Schlage 469 - Jammed Sensor

Does anyone know how to reset the lock jammed sensor for Schlage 469 deadbolts?
The sensor turns on right away if the deadbolt can’t lock but then it never turns off. It’s been over a week on one of my locks now.

There is no reset in the zwave config. I’ve tried every combination of locking and unlocking. The only thing I haven’t done is a factory reset. I did disconnect the batteries and that didn’t work. But I don’t think either of those things should be necessary to simply reset the jammed status.

I’ve got a call out to Schlage, but the call center person didn’t know. Someone "in the know’ is supposed to call me back, but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

So I actually got a call back from Schlage.

They say a factory reset is the only way to clear the jammed status, which more or less makes this sensor useless as an entity for use in an alert or automation. I am definitely not interested in excluding and reincluding my lock on the zwave netork every time someone doesn’t close the door fully. :roll_eyes:

I can’t believe they did not including the ability to reset this alert through a zwave config command or a code or something. Now I’m wondering if the intrusion sensor is set off if it also requires a factory reset.