Schlage BE469 locks sensors become unavailable

I have 3 Schlage BE469 locks. They have been working without issue. I can unlock/lock the locks using the Lovelace interface and they work in my node red flows. The issue I have been having is some of the locks sensors become unavailable after some amount of time. I can re-interview the locks but that does not solve the issue. The only way I have found to make the sensors become available again is to remove/re-add the lock back to the Z-Wave network. Then after sometime, the sensors become unavailable. One of the locks is working correctly. Is there somewhere that I can see what is going on to try to trouble shoot this?

This is one of the locks with unavailable sensors.

This is the lock with all sensors available.

I’m also having this problem with a Yale lock. After about 15 min of inactivity it becomes unavailable until I manually unlock/lock it to… wake it up, I guess?

Did you ever get any responses?

I’m having the same issue in Nov '22. I have three BE469 (non zwave plus) locks. The one that is about 15 feet from the controller works fine. Status and control both work as expected. The two locks on a detached building will get status updates just fine but seem to go to sleep and become unavailable after a few minutes. Also, any attempt to use HA through ZWaveJS UI (latest version) immediately makes the lock unavailable and the logs state " Failed to send the command after 3 attempts (Status NoAck)".

There are several powered zwave plus devices in between. All locks were included using S0 Security without any issues.

Home Assistant 2022.11.4
Supervisor 2022.11.2
Operating System 9.3
Frontend 20221108.0 - latest
zwave-js-ui: 8.4.1
zwave-js: 10.3.0

Cypher, and the rest of the group,
It’s a long shot finding this thread from 2 years ago…

Did either of you ever find a solution? I’m experiencing the same thing with two Yale Z-Wave locks. They’re brand new but seem to use an older zwave 500 series chipset module and are paired using S0.