Schlage BE469 Z-Wave deadbolt lock continuously becomes unavailable after the latest HA update

I know that this is an older device and has some limitations but I have it successfully working for a few years with HA until about a year ago when after another update of Z-Wave integration it stopped reacting on lock/unlock commands. I tried to find a solution but without success. Kind of let it go because it would still show correctly its status locked/unlocked in the UI and execute all necessary automations. Today, after upgrading to the latest 2023.06.1 I’ve noticed that the lock started becoming unavailable after some time since the last activity. It actually shows “unavailable” in the UI and device status and its node shows as dead. This is a battery-powered device and it goes to sleep after some time but it should not become unavailable. When it’s unavailable nothing in the UI would work with the device and it’s not possible to wake it up from the HA side and this is very annoying because now I have no idea if the door is locked and cannot run any automation based on its status. Is it an issue with the Z-Wave JS or HA?

My three schlages continue to work just fine after updating to .6.x

Considering you said you already had communication issues on the lock what does the log say?

I have a BE469ZP and it’s working fine. HA Container 2023.6.1 and Zwave JS UI 8.18.1. When I did my migration from the built-in zwave to Zwave JS UI, I did have to unpair and redo the secure inclusion for my lock. I have also had to re-interview the node a few times in the past for all entities to correctly show up. I did my upgrades today and everything has been stable for me.

My suggestion is first make sure the node and the controller are relatively close. My lock did not like being too far away (more than 20 feet) from the controller and did not like being more than 1 hop in the network away. Then try to heal the node (might need to wake it). Worst case scenario is exclude then redo the secure inclusion making sure it uses the highest security class your lock supports (mine supports S2 and inclusion via QR code).

I have BE468 and a BE469, both older models like yours. Both have always had minor issues here and there. I found I have to disconnect the battery and reconnect every now and then, maybe once a month. I’ve discovered recently though that if it becomes unavailable, you can Zwave Ping it and it should come back. Give that a try next time. Then maybe write an automation to ping it once per hour or something if it does work.

experiencing this same issue after migrating the ZWave JS UI.
My Dome siren works fine, but all my schlage locks are unavailable.
Trying to rebuild network route right now to see if that helps… next will try the battery reset on each device.

worst case is learning how to re-pair the devices.

UPDATE: Noticed my repeater was excluded in the migration process… once I added that back in I was able to do a refresh on each device and they re-populated. for the schlage touchscreen, the battery trick worked + refresh. Back up to 100%