Schlage Connect and Encode locks - fully-featured interface

The most glaring omission from my Home Assistant environment is my Schlage smart lock. I originally purchased a Schlage Sense lock to work with Apple HomeKit. Later switched it to non-HomeKit mode, using the WiFi adapter. But the Sense hardware is pretty much closed source.

Other options are Schlage Connect (ZWave) or Schlage Encode (WiFi) but these both come with limitations. Connect/ZWave offers a minimum of interoperability. Encode/WiFi is similar. Neither of these two Schlage products offer a fully-featured interface to open-source home automation software.

I’ve reached out to Allegion before, to no benefit. Perhaps the HomeAssistant / NabuCasa teams could reach out?

look up the Keymaster third party integration. Works beautifully for all my Schlage locks.

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Does it work with the schalage encode wifi lock too?

No I don’t think it does, he must be referring to Connect locks.